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The goal of discipline at EHMS is to provide deportment that fosters a safe environment for our students to grow academically, emotionally, and socially. Students who violate school rules and policies will be referred to in school suspension (I.S.S.) Continued or extreme violations may result in home suspension and a meeting with the student, parents, and administration to devise a plan for future actions should negative behaviors continue.


Students who have violated school rules and policies or who have otherwise impacted themselves, other students, or the educational process in a negative manner are assigned to I.S.S. where they are detained and are suspended from participation in regular school activities for varying lengths of time. This program is designed to avoid home suspension and, because of our late dismissal time, also to avoid traditional after-school detentions, while protecting the safety, welfare, and educational progress of all EHMS students.

Students process their own conduct and preferable alternative behaviors through individualized instruction and assignments (based on the students’ abilities and on the infractions). These activities are designed to foster appropriate school-wide deportment and to provide insight into specific motivators for individual students. Additional consequences commensurate to the severity and frequency of the infractions of individual students may be assigned.

Students may be assigned an I.S.S. during lunches, and/or during class time as well as full day. Students in I.S.S. must remain in the I.S.S. room and demonstrate constant and applicable on-task and courteous behavior, whether the placement is for one period, for an entire day, or longer. During a student’s placement in I.S.S., regular classroom assignments are provided, so students are able to maintain academically in their classes.