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Office Hours:  School days from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Appointments with Counselors:

Counselors will be available to meet with students in person. Parents will have the option to meet with counselors either in person or virtually through Google Meet.

Counselors are scheduling appointments through the Calendly website where you will have the option to choose your appointment time and whether to meet in person or through Google Meet.

To schedule a meeting with your counselor, click the Calendly link below their name, or call our secretary, Ashley Halper.

Johnna Roussos,
6 Blue, 7 Blue
435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3021

Schedule an appointment:







Nora Fox, Counselor – Habla español
6 Silver, 7 Silver
435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3022

Schedule an appointment:







Kristen Fuhrman Thomas, Counselor 
6 Green, 7 Green 

435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3023

Schedule an appointment:







Ashley Halper, Administrative Assistant
435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3020









Student Counseling Request Form

Student Green Sheet – EHMS Kindess Report – Please download and print the sheet and then fill out the form and drop it off in the counseling office. 

Below are several services provided by our office.

Park City School District “School Safety”

Responsive Services
– Counseling
– Consultation
– Group Work
– At-Risk Intervention
– Referrals

Individual Planning
– College and Career Readiness (CCR)
– Vocational Workshops
– Career and Computer Programs
– Parent Conferences
– Academic Review
– Naviance

Guidance Curriculum
– Classroom Presentations
– Peer Mediation
– Prevention Education
– CCA (College and Career Awareness)
– Internet Safety
– Bullying Prevention

Support Systems
– Response To Intervention Team (RTI)
– Staff Meetings
– Conferences
– Trainings
– Parent Education Classes
– 504 Plans
– Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
– Team Meetings

Middle Years Newsletter / Trabajando para el éxito escolar


Mental Health

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Private Tutor List
District-approved private tutors are available to assist students with their studies. Please check with individual tutors for schedules, subjects, and fees. This list is available in the front office, the counseling office, and at the district office.

Other Tutoring Options
Park City has some local tutoring businesses available to Park City students. Please note that these programs are not actively endorsed by the Park City School District, and are listed here for informational purposes only. Flyers may be available in the Counseling office, but please contact the businesses directly for more specific information.

College and Career Readiness – en español

A CCR (College Career Readiness) meeting is an opportunity for 7th grade students and parents to meet with a school counselor to discuss academic pathways and school success.

Research demonstrates that students do better when parents are involved in their education. The CCR process invites parents into the school to plan and monitor their child’s progress toward achieving his or her educational goals. The topics discussed include:

  • Review of student progress (i.e. attendance, grades, strengths/challenges).
  • Course and pathway planning for 8th grade and high school graduation.
  • Goal setting and discussion of values and expectations for the future.
  • Naviance Family Connection

This year, students and counselors will meet in person while parents join this meeting virtually.  Please use the following links to schedule an appointment with one of our EHMS counselors. Appointments will last approximately 30 minutes.  Before scheduling, please check with your student regarding what class or coursework they might be missing during the appointment. 

CCR meetings will run from 1-11-21 to 4-22-21 and are available M-Th from 9:30am-3:00pm.  Please use the Calendly links below to schedule your CCR meeting with your students counselor. All of the counselors will be conducting CCR meetings.


Nora FoxSpanish speakers

Kristen Fuhrman –
Four Year Plan: