Annie Wallace


School phone: 435-645-5610

Late work policy: I do accept late work.

Discipline: I follow the discipline policy of the school. All students should come to class prepared to be ready, respectful and responsible.

Bienvenue à la classe de français! I teach French I to grade 7 students this year. (6th grade French will be taught as part of the World Language class). French I is a year long course, 84 minutes every other day.

I use the TPRS method in my classroom. This stands for Total Physical Response Storytelling (and also, Total Proficiency in Reading and Speaking). This method is based on the concept of making French vocabulary comprehensible through physical actions and storytelling. Grammar is taught a long the way through “pop up” grammar (moments when students ask about or respond to what we are doing in class that requires an explanation of the grammar in the story or lesson). Please find out more about TPRS by going

Use of online dictionaries: We are so fortunate to have laptops this year! With that said, students may use an online dictionary or translation tool ONLY to look up words. Students are not allowed to do translations using a translator. It will be obvious that the work has been done by the translator, and students will have to REDO their work. Do it right the first time! 🙂