Returning Student Registration

ALL returning students (already enrolled in the Park City School District) need to complete the Returning Student Registration process each school year.  This includes students staying in the same school building AND students rising to the next grade level in a new building.  To complete the Returning Student online registration, click this link:

Park City School District – Returning Student Registration

Return to this page after you complete the online registration to see if this school has additional registration requirements, or contact the school directly.

Not Returning?  If your student will NOT be returning to the district in the fall, please notify the School’s Secretary/Registrar.  Include your student’s full name, the school and grade level they would have been in, and the name and location of their new school, if known.

 1. Complete online Registration
Online registration is required for all district students. You can do the online registration from home. For returning student registration, you will need a ‘snapcode’ to access the online system, which was emailed to parents. Didn’t get the email? Check your junk/spam folder, and check both parents’ email accounts—the system sends the code to only one parent. A paper copy will also be mailed home, in the registration information. Contact the school if you need another copy. If you don’t have internet access at home, you can use a computer at the school on the dates listed below.
Note: If you will not be attending Ecker Hill, please notify Mary Kelsch, Registrar, or 435-645-5610. We will need to know which school the student is attending.
2. Proof of Residency
Proof of residency is required for all district students and must be provided at registration (and again if the student moves during the school year). Parents must complete a Proof of Residency (Proof of Residency SPA) and provide supporting proof documentation. See the form for a list of acceptable documents. Bring your Proof of Residency form AND acceptable proof documentation to the school when you register.

3. Immunization Record


Don’t forget! 7th grade students must have the following immunizations prior to 2017-18 school admission: 

  • 1 TDaP Booster
  • 1 Meningococcal
  • 2nd Varicella (history of chickenpox is acceptable with parent verification)

4. Parent Electronic Device Orientation
Parents must view this online orientation video before the student will receive their school laptop. Go to the Parent Electronic Device Orientation (with code FDZAY )for instructions (en español, with code VLZAD).

Optional Forms and Info:

504 Parent Notification
Medical Forms – School Medications Policy and Health Care Plans
School Fee Waiver Application (Solicitud para la exención del pago de cuotas en español)
Free/Reduced Lunch Application (Solicitud para comidas escolares gratis o a precio reducido en español)

Step 3: Parent Laptop Orientation

All EHMS students will be receiving PCSD laptops as part of the districtʼs one-to-one technology initiative. Parents are required to view a laptop orientation before the student will be able to receive their computer. Student laptops will be distributed during student registration.

The parent orientation is online, with code FDZAY. Parents may watch the orientation from home or at EHMS during registration. At the end of the online presentation, parents will be required to electronically sign, verifying that they have viewed the orientation in full.

Step 4: Registration Day

Bring With You:
1. Proof of Residency document – See Step #2 for a list of acceptable documents
2. District Residency Form

Locker Assignments: Students will receive locker assignments on the day of registration. For locker rules, see the Lockers page of the Student Handbook.


Call the front office (435-645-5610) for questions about:

  • Registration
  • Lockers
  • Parent laptop orientation
  • General questions New student enrollment (please see the New Student Enrollment page)
  • Call the counseling office (435-645-5611), for questions about:
  • Student’s classes


Our 6th Grade and 7th Grade Registration Sheets are available online for your reference.

If you have any questions, please see the Class Registration FAQ page or call your Counselor.

For information about EHMS, including our accreditation and grading standards, see our EHMS Fact Sheet.


Catalog Archive:

The following information sheets are provided for your reference and pertain to grades 9-12. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s counselor.

Core Class Sequences Adobe Acrobat
Math Pathways Adobe Acrobat
Science Pathways Adobe Acrobat
Graduation Pathways Adobe Acrobat

PCSD High School Graduation Requirements
PCSD Board of Education Academic Seal Information (pdf)