Ecker Hill


Office Hours:  School days from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. 

To ensure a meeting with our busy counselors, we encourage parents to call the counseling office or email their counselor to schedule an appointment. Every effort is made to accommodate walk-ins, but counselors are not always immediately available.

Johnna RoussoCounselor (6th-Grade Blue, Green, Silver, and White Teams)
435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3021

Nora Buchanan, Counselor 
(7th Grade Blue and Silver Teams)
435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3022

Kristen Brindza, Counselor 
(6th Grade Red and 7th Grade White Teams)

435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3023

Becky Broadhead, Administrative Assistant
435-645-5611 or 435-645-5610 Ext. 3020


All 2017-2018 Parent Releases are due on March 3, 2017!



The mission of the Park City School District Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is to support an educational process which empowers each student to reach the highest levels of integrity, citizenship, and success by working with students, educators, family and community.