Ecker Hill

Emergency Preparedness

Early Release Plan

Our early release plan is used in the event that it becomes necessary to end the school day early for reasons other than the evacuation of the building. Examples of situations that may result in early release include heavy snowfall, flooding, extreme weather, or extended power outage.

If the decision is made to activate an early release, KPCW (649-9004 or 649-8395) and KSL (655-8427) radio stations will be notified, as well as PCTV8 television (649-0045). Every teacher's emergency notebook contains a class list for each period with parent names and phone numbers. Staff members will utilize these class lists as a phone tree to notify parents of the situation. It is very important that Ms. Kelsch, our attendance secretary, has all necessary phone numbers so that we are able to contact you as quickly as possible at any time during the school day.

If it is a situation requiring parents to pick their students up from school, parents must first report to the office and give the staff member their student's name. At that time, the student will be notified and sent to the front office. Please do not attempt to take your child directly from his or her classroom. All individuals picking up students must either be positively identified by our staff or provide valid identification. Unless that person's name is on our list as having your permission to pick up your child, we will not release your child to them. These precautions are in place to ensure that all students are accounted for and released only to those persons whom parents have deemed appropriate.

Student safety is one of our primary concerns at Ecker Hill Middle School. We thank you for your support and assistance in this important matter. If you have any questions or concerns about our emergency planning, please don't hesitate to call us at 435-645-5610.