Ecker Hill

Emergency Preparedness

Reunification Response Action

In some emergency situations, it may not be safe for students to stay in or re-enter the school. When this happens, actions will be taken so that students reunify with their parents at an alternative location.

  • Be aware of the location where students are being released. EHMS's primary location is the Kimball LDS church located just north of EHMS, our secondary location is Jeremy Ranch Elementary school. Please note that it may not be possible to utilize these locations during a reunification action. In such cases, information regarding the location and directions for picking up your child will be relayed through local media sources and the district office.

  • When arriving at the reunification location, please follow the directions posted on signs or given by school personnel. Our primary responsibility is to ensure students are safely released to their parents. To do this, it’s essential that we establish an organized and orderly process.

  • Have valid identification with you. Students will only be released to parents or other adults (as indicated on the emergency contact/release form) with proper identification. 

If we evacuate to the LDS church, students will be held in the multipurpose room and the stations will be in the church's main lobby; if evacuated to Jeremy Ranch Elementary, students will be held in the multipurpose room and the stations will bein the main hallway.

We appreciate your support and assistance in this important matter. Please call us at 645-5610 with any questions or concerns about our emergency procedures.

In the Event of an Emergency