Ecker Hill

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After School Activities

Ecker Hill is very excited to tell you about our afterschool activities we have planned this year:

  • Homework Club Drop-in (Monday – Thursday)
  • Homework Lab (Monday – Thursday)
  • Wolves Zone (Monday – Friday)
  • Activ8 (Friday)

 What is Homework Club Drop-in?

Homework Club Drop-in is a program where you can go everyday or drop-in when you need it. Some students just need the time to finish up something before they go home. Other students find it easier to establish a routine to get their work done and be free the rest of the day. The Club is split into two half hour blocks. The first half hour begins right after school where students go to the Wolves Zone for some afterschool fun, then for the second block students go to the library to get your homework finished. It is a safe, supervised time to complete your homework before leaving school.

In Homework Club Drop-in, you can

  • Have some fun free time with friends in the Wolves Zone
  • Ask questions and receive additional help from caring and dedicated teachers
  • Strengthen what you learned in class
  • Develop good study habits and strategies
  • Organize your time so that you can participate in after school activities


Homework Club

Homework Club will not be available on Friday.

What is Homework Lab?

Homework Lab very similar to HW Club, however this program is for students who have been required by teachers to attend to bring their grades up. You cannot sign up for Homework Lab. In Homework Lab you will be required to attend everyday. Your teachers will be updated about your participation weekly. This program will give you individualized tutoring in your classes as well as keep you up on your homework. As with HW Club, HW Lab is split into two half hour blocks. However, the first half hour begins in the Library, IF you are caught up in ALL your classes you can go to the Wolves Zone for the second half hour.

Homework Lab

Homework Lab will not be available on Friday.

Who teaches Homework Club/Lab?

Ecker Hill teachers, staff, peer tutors, and parent volunteers.

What is the Wolves Zone?

Basin Rec

The Wolves Zone is a program run by Basin Recreation exclusively for our students. They provide a supervised time for fun with games such as basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, obstacle courses, and more. Occasionally there will be activities that will be brought in by other groups, for instance, cooking, 3D printing, art projects, etc. The best partisthat it is absolutely free! This program is not only open to those going to Homework Club/Lab, but it is open to all students from 3:45 to 4:50 Monday – Thursday.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. This is a free program for you because we want to make sure all students can have the time necessary to succeed.

How will I get home from these activities?

If you are bus eligible, you can ride the free Activity Bus at 4:50 p.m. Make sure to fill out the After School Busing Acknowledgement form.

Hey, but what about Friday’s?

Now offering:


Starting this fall, Ecker Hill Middle School students have new opportunities for some active fun after school on Friday afternoons with the Activ8 program. There are so many activities we will have a brochure we will hand out on Back to School night to explain all the fun activities we have planned. Activ8 have four-week sessions where students will be able to choose from three exciting activities per session.

Some of the activities include:

  • Climbing Adventure Fitness
  • Mountain Biking Move Conditioning
  • Baseball Teen Iron Chef
  • Yoga Skullcandy
  • Boldering Cross Country
  • Ice Skating
  • and more...

You can choose what you want to participate in. This is NOT a free program, however scholarships are available. Don’t miss out on the awesome experiences we have planned for you. Activ8 is part of the Youth Sports Alliance. Although Ecker Hill is working closely with YSA to bring to you these activities, Activ8 is not a part of Ecker Hill or the Park City School District.

I’m sold! How do I sign up and when do the activities begin?

You must sign up to attend.

Homework Club/Lab and the Wolves Zone:

Sign-up sheets will be available at registration or click here, and will be available in the main office and library after school starts. Homework Club begins Monday, September 12th.


Students who wish to sign-up for the Activ8 programs, there will be sign-ups during Back to School Night and sign-up forms will be available on the Youth Sports Alliance web page. The counseling department and our community outreach coordinator can help any family with signing-up for Activ8.