Ecker Hill

After School Activities

Ecker Hill is very excited to tell you about our afterschool activities we have planned this year:

  • Homework Club Drop-in (Monday–Thursday) 3:45 to 5:00pm
  • T2 (Timberwolves Tuesdays) Homework Lab (Monday–Thursday) 3:45 to 5:00pm
  • Wolves Zone (Monday–Friday) 3:45 to 5:00pm
  • ACTiV8 (Friday) 1:40pm to TBA

 What is Homework Club Drop-in?

Homework Club Drop-in is a program where you can go everyday or drop-in when you need it. Some students just need the time to finish up some work before they go home. Other students find it easier to establish a routine to get their work done and are free the rest of the day. It’s our goal to help students succeed in school by providing a safe and supervised environment for them to work on and complete assignments. The purpose of Homework Club is improving students’ academic achievement.  As such, participating students are required to come prepared by bringing assignments and other materials.

Homework Club is split into two half hour blocks. The first half hour is in the library and, if the student is caught up on his/her homework, they may go to the Open Gym or TAZ for the second half hour.

In Homework Club Drop-in, students can…

  • Ask questions and receive additional help from caring and dedicated teachers
  • Strengthen what they learned in class
  • Develop good study habits and strategies
  • Organize their time so that they can participate in other after school activities

Homework Club Drop – in Schedule







 Homework (Library)

 Homework (Library) 

 Homework (Library)

 Homework (Library)


 Break w/ snack*

 Break w/ snack*

 Break w/ snack*

 Break w/ snack*


 If HW is finished,
 Open gym or TAZ (Gym)

 If HW is finished,
 Open gym or TAZ (Gym)

 If HW is finished, 
 Open gym or TAZ (Gym)

 If HW is finished,
 Open gym or TAZ (Gym)

 *Snacks are provided to students for free
Note: Homework Club is not held on Friday.

Who Teaches Homework Club Drop-in?

Ecker Hill teachers, staff, peer tutors, and parent volunteers.

What is T2?    

T2 stands for Timberwolves Tuesdays. Every Tuesday we are excited to offer an extended learning experience free of charge and open for all of our students. We will have mini-programs that last from one to three sessions and that focus on a specific area of enrichment. We will begin this year with a special program from the Egyptian Theater! We will also be bringing in programs from the Swaner Eco-Center, a course in Break Dancing, and many other exciting activities. We are looking forward to having this option for your students and hope that you take advantage. Please make sure you sign up early, because these classes will fill up quickly. There will be a sign up area just outside the main office where there will be a description of the enrichment activities. 

What is TAZ?

Basin Rec

The Timberwolves Activity Zone is a program run the PCSD After School Program and Basin Rec. exclusively for our students. They provide a supervised time for fun organized games such as basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, obstacle courses, and more. TAZ provides a structured way to have fun and to try out games/sports with support from our expert coaches. 

For those students who do not like sports related activities TAZ also provides a space for arts and crafts, board games, etc. This program is open to all students from 3:45 to 5:00 Monday thru Thursday. Students are free to drop-in after doing their homework in the library. 

How much does it cost?
Nothing. This is a free program for you because we want to make sure all students can have the time necessary to succeed.

How will I get home from these activities? 
Students who are bus eligible may ride the free district activity bus that leaves EHMS at 5:00pm Monday through Thursday.  When students ride the Activity Bus they are expected to follow bus rules. Remember: Riding the bus is a privilege that can be revoked. Activity busses will use the 3-strike method of behavior management.

Hey, but what about Friday’s?

Ecker Hill Middle School students have opportunities for some active fun after school on Friday afternoons with the ACTiV8program. 

There are so many activities we will have activities listed on the after school activities board outside the office that will explain al

l the fun activities we have planned. Activ8 have four-week sessions where students will be able to choose from three exciting activities per session. Students have the option to take part in one activity per session. Each activity has a lifestyle quality attached on completing 8 activities (must include CPR), students will receive the “Park City ACTiV8 Award”. Students need to be responsible for obtaining signatures from the coaching staff on their “community passport”. Lifestyle criteria include: Accountability, Confidence, Equality, Inspiration, Kindness, Leadership, Respect, and Versatility.

 Some of the activities include:

  • Climbing Adventure Fitness
  • Mountain Biking Move Conditioning
  • Baseball Teen Iron Chef
  • Yoga Skullcandy
  • Boldering Cross Country
  • Ice Skating
  • and more...

You can choose what you want to participate in. This is not a free program, however scholarships are available. Don’t miss out on the awesome experiences we have planned for you. Activ8 is part of the Youth Sports Alliance. Although Ecker Hill is working closely with YSA to bring to you these activities, ACTiV8 is not a part of Ecker Hill or the Park City School District.

Forms to sign-up for ACTiV8 programs can be found on the Youth Sports Alliance webpage. The counseling department and our community outreach coordinator can help any family with signing-up for ACTiV8. 

Rules and Procedures for After School Activities:

Students are required to sign in at the beginning of each session and must stay for the entire hour unless they are picked-up by a parent, or other specific arrangements have been prearranged.  Students are expected to follow all school rules while attending After School Activities.  In addition, the following rules apply:

  • Students must arrive by 3:45 p.m. Late students will not be admitted.
  • Students must remain seated and stay on task during homework completion.
  • During their time in the Library, students must respect other students’ right to study.
  • No food, drink, locker, or bathroom breaks are allowed during the after school program unless with permission from an adult.

Similarly to our school rules the After School Activities follow the 3-strike method: 1st Strike (Warning); 2nd Strike (Students will be moved to an isolated seat and reflect about the behavior); 3rd Strike (Students will be suspended from all activities for 1 day and parents will be contacted).  Severe or continual infractions may result in permanent removal from all After School Activities indefinitely.

If you have questions, please Mr. Salinas, at 435-645-5610, or via e-mail at: