Ecker Hill

Internet Safety 101

This page is a collection of resources to help you learn about internet safety. These resources were gathered for the Internet Safety 101 program given to the parents and students of PCSD on May 1st, 2007.

Let’s Learn About Internet Safety Online compiled by Miss Jackson

Social Networking Pamphlet by Ms. Stark

The following file have been provided by Ms. Amendola of the EHMS Counseling Office

  • Net Lingo Terms Part I
  • Net Lingo Terms Part II
  • Internet Definitions Part I
  • Internet Definitions Part II
  • Internet Definitions Part III
  • The following documents have been provided by Ms. Sally of the Summit County Attorney's Office

  • Internet Safety Sites
  • Internet Safety Resources
  • Tracking Your Computer
  • The following is a link to "NetSafe Utah: Cybersafe Your Teens" KUED 7 provided by Carolee Polvere and Utah Education Network. NetSafe Utah Please follow the below directions to download the "Cybersafe Your Teens" presentation. 1 - Select Media Hub (located on the right) 2 - Click on the "Info" button to the right of the NetSafe Utah video. 2 - Select “Video for Download – Quicktime” or “Video for Download – Win Media” 3 - Click “Download Now” located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.