Ecker Hill


Student achievement can be measured in a number of ways. One way that features prominently in the state’s U-PASS assessment system is student scores on CRT tests. CRTs (criterion referenced tests), measure a student’s comprehension of key concepts outlined in the state’s core curriculum. Park City School District students consistently outperform their peers and rank among the highest performers.

Language Arts


Please note the following breakdown of math courses in our upper grades. Listed are the number of sections for each class, and the percent of the student population taking each class. Those percentages may not equal 100%, as not all students take a math class in all grades, and some students take more than one class.

2009, 6th graders

  • 1 section - Pre-Algebra, 7%
  • 5 sections - Math 7, 33%
  • 9 sections - Math 6, 60%

2009, 7th graders

  • 1 section - Algebra, 7%
  • 9 sections - Pre-Algebra, 60%
  • 5 sections - Math 7, 33%