EHMS Fact Sheet

Ecker Hill Middle School is a public middle school in the state of Utah. We are the only 6th and 7th grade school in the Park City School District.

The Park City Community:
Park City is a year-round resort community nestled at about 7,000 feet above sea level in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, located 30 miles east of our state capital, Salt Lake City. Park City has approximately 7,300 year-round residents. Tourists can increase this population to nearly 20,000 during the peak ski season.

Originally founded as a silver mining town, Park City is now a winter and summer resort community featuring three world class ski areas, several golf courses, hiking and mountain biking trails, and nearby reservoirs for boating and fishing. In 2002, we were proud to be a venue for the Winter Olympic Games.

School Accreditation:

Student Population:

Ecker Hill serves just over 800 students total in grades 6 and 7 each school year.

Grade Point Average (GPA):
The student’s grade point average is computed on a quarterly basis and is based on a traditional four point scale (exemptions are extracurricular activities, and teacher’s aide).

Grading Scale:
4.0 = A
3.0 = B
2.0 = C
1.0 = D
0.0 = F

Courses that earn P, WP, WF, or NG have no GPA value and are excluded from the GPA calculation.

Transfer Grades:
Transfer grades from other accredited schools are calculated and recorded with the EHMS grade values, as listed above.

The School Year:
The school year is comprised of 180 school days, approximately 90 school days per semester, 45 school days per quarter.

Student Course Load:
Full-time students have eight classes per term. School is operated on a block system, with four classes each day, alternating daily–we call them Blue and White days. Class periods are 90-minutes each.

6th Grade Subject Requirements:

  • Language Arts – Writing
  • Language Arts – Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts/World Languages
  • 1 Performing Arts Elective (Band, Choir, Orchestra, World Music/Theater)

7th Grade Subject Requirements:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Integrated Science
  • CTE (Career & Technical Education)
  • Physical Education
  • Utah Studies
  • Electives (must add up to 2.0 when registering) – Semeter Long and/or Year Long
EHMS 6th and 7th Grade Requirements:
EHMS curriculum for 6th and 7th grade students follows the standards outlined by the Utah State Office of Education. Students in 7th grade also begin the College and Career Ready process to discuss academic pathways and transition to TMJH.

Park City School District Graduation Requirements (Grades 9 – 12:
Each high school student must complete a total of 26 units of credit in grades nine through twelve.

Credit distribution requirements for graduation are:
4 units of Language Arts (LANG)
4 units of Social Studies (SOCS)
3 units of Mathematics (MATH)
3 units of Science (SCI)
1.5 units of Healthy Lifestyles (HL)
0.5 unit of Health (HL)
1.5 units of Fine Arts (ART)
1 unit of Career and Technical Education (CTE)
0.5 unit of Computer Technology (CT)
0.5 unit of General Financial Literacy (FIN)
6.5 units of Elective courses of the student’s choice (EL)

The student must also successfully pass all sub tests of the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test (UBSCT). Please see PCSD Policy 9080—Graduation Requirements for greater detail.

Courses taken during a student’s 8th grade year do not earn high school graduation credit; they do not appear on the student’s high school transcript.

TMS and PCHS are obligated to accept high school credits from other educational institutions reflecting the appropriate accreditation. A transcript or information from the school should reflect the accrediting agency. Park City High School reserves the right to deny credits that have not been properly approved. Transfer grades from other accredited schools are calculated and recorded on the transcript with the TMS/PCHS grade values, as listed above.